With LeBron James joining the Lakers in LA, many have asked whether it would be possible for The King to team up with LaVar Ball for a collaboration on a Big Baller Brand shoe. While the LeBron 15 and LeBron 16 have already been released, is it possible that the LeBron 17 or the LeBron Soldier 13 might have a big BBB logo plastered on its side?

Big Baller Brand Logo

Put simply, the answer is no. In May 2016, LeBron signed a lifetime deal with Nike and there is no chance that he would be permitted to work with another company, especially one led by a person as hot-headed as LaVar. There would be no way that a corporate behemoth such as Nike would want to lend its legitimacy to a fledgling startup like BBB. For now, LBJ and BBB fans will have to be content with seeing LeBron and Lonzo on the same court, even if they are wearing different shoes.

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