The Top 5 Basketball Shoes For Playing Outdoors (2024)

Updated: January 26, 2024

Every baller knows that playing basketball outdoors requires a different type of shoe. When you’re playing on a beat up old court that is often covered with dirt and dust, you need the right type of traction to make sure that you’re not slipping and sliding all over the place. You also need a shoe that is built for rougher use.

So how do you know if a shoe is going to work well outdoors?

  • The bottom of the shoe should have deep and wide grooves for elite traction.
  • The outsole of the shoe should be made from solid rubber.
  • The body of the shoe should be be made with durable materials that can withstand the elements.

The problem that many ballers face these days is that shoe companies don’t release shoes that are specific to this market. That being said, the lack of a dedicated outdoor basketball shoe doesn’t mean you don’t have some high quality options.

The shoes below are those that have been reviewed and rated as the best basketball shoes for playing on outdoor courts.

1. New Balance Two Wxy V4

  • Solid traction that resists dust and has the durability to play on any style of court
  • The FuelCell technology and Fresh Foam gives explosive energy return for an ideal combination of comfort and rebound power
  • ABZORB pillars in the forefoot and heel absorb impact, with a molded heel counter for excellent foot lockdown

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2. Nike Renew Elevate 3

  • Semi-radial traction design gives a reliable grip even on dusty courts, with a durable outsole that can stand up to rough outdoor courts.
  • Responsive dual-density foam cushioning provides good impact protection for most players, while the soft, breathable upper wraps the foot comfortably.
  • Plastic lateral support and an extended outsole in the midfoot prevent side-to-side shifting for a stable lockdown.

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3. Adidas D.O.N. Issue #5

  • Elevated traction pattern on rubber outsole sticks to hardwood courts during quick cuts.
  • Lightstrike Strobel provides huge explosive power, with a sculpted midsole for speed.
  • TPU heel clip and medial zone stabilizer combine for solid support.

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4. Puma Court Rider Chaos

  • Durable rubber outsole provides solid, grippy traction on both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Full-length Rider Foam midsole is comfortable with good energy return.
  • Firm foot lockdown with no heel slippage and a good amount of support that's especially comfortable for players with wider feet.

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5. Adidas Trae Young 3

  • Grippy traction featuring two traction patterns, with a solid rubber forefront and translucent herringbone sole for multidirectional coverage
  • The reactive, bouncy cushioning uses a wedge-shaped foam similar to Lightstrike cushioning, ideal for smaller, agile players
  • Support is the biggest improvement over the Trae 2, with a wide base and lace cables for better lateral stability and foot containment

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